Graz: a passion for design

The city of Graz is the second-largest urban center in Austria and member of the UNESCO Creative Cities from 2011. Graz combines futuristic architecture with a Renaissance and medieval old center.

Over the right side of the River Mur a unique building with a biomorphic shape – known locally as the Friendly Alien – is the artistic icon of the city: the Kunsthaus. The contemporary art museum, designed by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, made of iridescent blue acrylic panels, is a combination of architecture and media technology and is an attraction for art lovers from all over the world.

Another distinctive piece of architecture is the Mur Island, a floating structure in the middle of the river with an open-air area for performances and relaxing time and a trendy café in white and blue colors.

Graz is a place where you can find a variety of culture just around every corner.


Photo Credit: ©somewhere-unique